12V Camper Branch Circuit Guidebook


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This is a 7-page guidebook for installing 12V accessories that will show you common ways to wire the 12V accessories around your camper like lights, fans, USB outlets, and such.  This guidebook includes the wiring examples as well as recommended wire and fuse size recommendations that are specific to the items being powered.  The following circuits are shown:

  • 12V Lights – Switched with functional LED switch indicator
  • 12V Lights – Switched with led switch indicator disabled
  • Alternate wiring for 12V lights
  • 12V Lights – Switch w/ dimmer
  • 12V lights – 3 way switch (Switches in 2 separate locations)
  • 12V lights – 3 way switch with dimmer (Switches in 2 locations, dimmable from 1 location)
  • 12V lights – powered from a switch panel
  • Single Maxxair Fan
  • Dual Maxxair Fans
  • 12V Outlets
  • Combo 12V USB Outlet / 12V Outlet
  • USB Outlets
  • Water Pump
  • 12V Refrigerator

You can learn more about and source all of the little bits and pieces found in the guidebook here: https://www.explorist.life/12v-branch-circuits-parts/

Note: This is a high-resolution PDF eBook.  Although it is indeed able to be printed, some of the smallest details on the page may be too small to see when printed (like the ‘spade connector’ label on the spade connectors), but are completely visible when viewed digitally.


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