50A OEM RV Inverter/Charger Retrofit Splice Box


This 50A OEM Inverter/Charger Retrofit Splice Box is designed to wire a high-powered Victron inverter/charger into a 50A OEM RV.

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The EXPLORIST.life 50A OEM RV Inverter/Charger Retrofit Splice Box allows you to easily integrate a high-powered Victron inverter/charger into an RV or Motorhome with a factory installed electrical system with 50A shore power.

The corresponding wiring kit for this splice box is sold separately.

This splice box is compatible with 50A OEM RV’s adding a Multiplus 3k 2x120V.

In a typical RV, the shore power cable goes from the shore power inlet (or the OEM transfer switch) directly to the OEM 120V Power Distribution Panel.  During an electrical upgrade involving a high-powered inverter/charger, the inverter/charger should be inserted in-line between the shore power inlet (or transfer switch if fitted with a built-in generator) and the distribution panel. The AC Input of the Inverter/Charger gets power from shore/transfer switch and then feeds power to the distribution panel.

This splice kit includes the junction box, terminal blocks for splicing this wire, connectors for the inverter/charger, and additional wire to reach from the Inverter/Charger to the junction box of the splice.

When purchasing, please select enough wire to stretch from the splice location AND back.

Here is how a Typical 50A RV is wired from the factory. Notice how the OEM wire from the shore power inlet/transfer switch goes directly to the OEM 120V Distribution Panel:

Stock 50A OEM RV Wiring

To incorporate an Inverter/Charger into your 50A OEM RV, you will need to splice the Inverter/Charger inline on the wire going from your transfer switch (if you have an onboard generator) or shore power inlet (if you do not have an onboard generator) and then extend the wire coming from the shore power inlet/transfer switch to the AC Input on the Inverter/Charger and also the wire coming from the Inverter/Charger AC Output going back to the wire going to the Distribution Panel:

50A OEM RV W/ Inverter/Charger Spliced In Place

Here is what the EXPLORIST.life OEM RV Inverter/Charger Retrofit Splice Box and Wiring Kit looks all wired up. This is the 6/4 version for 50A RV’s. The 10/3 version for 30A RV’s will simply have smaller wire and the red wire and terminal block will be omitted.

  • Waterproof Junction Box
    • Material: ABS Plastic
    • Waterproof IP65
    • Size: 150mmx110mmx70mm (appx 5.9×4.3×2.8 inches)
    • Max Hole Size: 1″ / 25mm
  • 16-6 AWG Single Level Feedthrough Terminal Block
    • Connector Type: Screw
    • Color: Red, White, Black, Green
    • Max Amperage Rating: 65 Amp
    • Max Voltage: 300V
    • Mounting: 35mm DIN Rail
  • DIN Rail
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Length: 4 inch
    • Width: 35mm
    • Height: 7.5mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 4.3 × 2.8 in


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