Electrical Enclosure Plans


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These plans include the 3d SketchUp file and cut list for the electrical enclosure shown in this video:

This enclosure was built with ¾” Baltic Birch plywood.  The cut lists included in this PDF are for 5’x5’ or 4’x8’ plywood.  Baltic Birch commonly comes in 5×5 sheets; but if that’s not available in your area; the 4’x8’ cut list included should get you pointed in the right direction.

The Sketchup file that accompanies these cut lists is optimized for Sketchup Make 2017, which is a free version of sketchup.  Although this file SHOULD work with newer versions; I can’t guarantee it.

Feel free to make alterations to the 3d file as you need to fit your build; but be sure to save changes as a copy so that you have a fallback (or you can just re-download it from your receipt email).

If you need to make a cut list for your modified plans, I used the plugin ‘OpenCutList’ from the Sketchup extension store to make the cut list.


This is not a step by step instructional booklet. This is a 3d modeled Sketchup file with an accompanying labeled cut list. You will need to interpret which labeled pieces go together with the help of the 3d file and the video listed above. Holes, pilot holes, and screw holes are not shown in these plans.


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