MRBF 30-300A Terminal Fuse Block (Single)


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300A MRBF Terminal Fuse

300A MRBF Terminal Fuse: Marine Rated Battery Fuses (MRBF) are designed to provide high current protection in the most demanding environments.

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A terminal fuse holder (MRBF fuse holder) is a great way to provide compact overcurrent protection to a circuit. We typically use this type of fuse holder for main battery bank protection when the fuse size can be 300A or smaller; OR we can hang a terminal fuse holder off the ‘right’ side of the Lynx Distributor for an additional space.

Product Information:

  • Mounting: 3/8″ Mounting Hole
  • Stud Size: M8
  • Studs: Single
  • Amperage Rating: 30-300A
  • Voltage Rating: 12-42V DC
  • Type: Marine Rated Battery Fuse
  • Cover Color: Red
  • Fuse NOT Included

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Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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