Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box


Using two EXPLORIST.life Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Boxes allows you to integrate dual Victron inverter/chargers into an OEM RV with 50A Shore Power.

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Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box

The EXPLORIST.life Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box allows you to easily integrate dual Victron inverter/chargers into an RV or Motorhome with a factory installed electrical system with 50A shore power. You will need TWO Dual Inverter Splitter Boxes as well as the corresponding wiring kits for a full installation, as shown below.

Each Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter box comes pre-assembled as shown in the product photos. The corresponding wiring kit is sold separately.

How the Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box Works:

1: One splitter box splits the incoming 6/4 wire coming from 50A shore power into two 6/4 wires to go to dual Inverter/Chargers

Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box from Shore Power

2: The second splitter box combines the AC out from dual Inverter/Chargers to power the OEM 120V breaker box.

Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box to Breaker Box

Having the AC Out neutral wire as part of the 3-pole breaker prevents the neutral from being overloaded when connected to 30A in-phase shore power with Victron PowerAssist active.

Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Boxes

Two of these splitter boxes are to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the Inverter/Chargers to decrease the long runs of dual 6/4 wire, and also to put the breakers in a more easily accessible location in the event of a tripped breaker.

Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Box

In most cases, additional 6/4 wire will be necessary to connect the splitter to the OEM wiring from shore power and to the breaker box. Here is how the typical 50A RV/Motorhome is wired from the factory:

Integrating the splitter box and dual Inverter/Chargers can be accomplished by simply cutting the wire that goes from the shore power/generator transfer switch, adding additional 6/4 wire to reach the splitter box by means of the EXPLORIST.life OEM RV Inverter/Charger Retrofit Splice kit, and wiring the Dual Inverter/Charger Splitter Boxes with dual Inverter/Chargers in the desired location as shown here:

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