50A Camper – Inverter W/ Solar & Alternator Charging – High Res Wiring Diagram

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This is a High-Resolution PDF of the wiring diagram found here: https://www.explorist.life/50a-camper-inverter-with-solar-alternator-charging-wiring-diagram/

If you’re looking for a wiring diagram that is more zoom-in / print-off friendly than what is in the above link, this is what you are looking for.


Although these PDF’s will usually open in your web browser, if you have issues, try opening the PDF with the free Adobe Reader. Safari on Mac is particularly prone to not working well with these PDF’s, so that’s you best option there. If you still can’t open the file, feel free to send a support ticket with your order number and the title of the diagram you are having issues with at shop.explorist.life/support and we will get you squared away.


These diagrams are copyright protected and are not to be shared with anyone anywhere. It may not seem like much, but the $10 you pay for this diagram truly does support all of the free content and tutorials that we put out. If you are a commercial builder or upfitter, please email us for permission if you would like to install these systems in your commercial builds.

2 reviews for 50A Camper – Inverter W/ Solar & Alternator Charging – High Res Wiring Diagram

  1. Peter Kriger (verified owner)

    Thanks for the rapid resolution. Steph emailed me a fresh diagram in less than 12 hours and all was as expected. I really appreciate all you have produced to help guide me along this path. I have found your explanations very clear and all your content appears to be quite professional. I’m happy to support what you offer with much gratitude.

  2. Peter Kriger (verified owner)

    Hey, the fuzzy thumbnail shows a Victron Multiplus II with the black squares on the upper corners. I think Hey, This is what I want! I purchased the full scale drawing and when it comes off the printer what I see is a MAGNUM energy inverter. Perhaps a new diagram is in the works and hasn’t made it into production? This seems a little like bait and switch as it is.

    • Nate Yarbrough

      …or perhaps it was just a simple glitch. 🙂 Use the order support form at the bottom of this page and we will get it all straightened out: https://shop.explorist.life/support/

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